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The Matrix Newsletter
  • Issue 22
    In this issue of The Matrix, dive beneath the surface of mind with PSI TECH's President. See if you have what it takes as Dane Spotts submits a call to start up a real-life Omega Team. Kimberly Snow examines the qualities of heroes through the ages. Dennis Arbour has a close encounter. Alana talks about how her TRV training affected her life. And "Mr. V" reveals a disturbing facet of his own Remote Viewing training. And just because you're a special person, you get a new comic!
  • Issue 21
    In this issue of The Matrix, find out about the pitfalls of remote viewing through time. See PSI TECH's remote viewing project files in a new book, PSI TECH Remote Viewing Mysteries. Find out the true meaning of Thanksgiving (not for the faint of heart). Follow the trail of terms used throughout the world for Remote Viewing and psychic perception. Find out how a TRVer got her sight back using the tool of Technical Remote Viewing. See how a student managed her ADD disorder and learned remote viewing. Explore the inner workings of an artist who uses TRV as inspiration. Read one man's journey through life and TRV skill. Meet the newest member of the PSI TECH team: Alana. And don't forget the new comic!
  • Issue 20
    In this issue of The Matrix, see the new Remote Viewing book based on real TRV data. Find out how to supercharge your brain and get free stuff. Read an interview with PSI TECH's President, and watch her in a live tutoring video. See the diverse origins of Remote Viewers, and find out what good TRV is to one Remote Viewer. See a session done on the events of Hurricane Katrina, and read an interview with one of PSI TECH's staff. And just for you as a bonus, you get a new comic!
  • Issue 19
    In this supersized issue of The Matrix, find out how to supercharge your brain for Remote Viewing; How to know if you're on your Optimum Trajectory; The purpose of Jesus' resurrection; The problem inherent in Remote Viewing; Why more people don't remote view; How to use TRV and creativity to invent; What good is TRV?; and the Remote Viewing diet. Plus, a new comic!
  • Issue 18
    A TRV moneymaking machine, the new world of human consciousness, God's ideal being, a free energy project based on TRV data, how Optimum Trajectories can solve looming crises before they happen, how TRV helps natural psychics, and the power of old Remote Viewing sessions. As a bonus, you also get a comic!
  • Issue 17
    Free stuff to download, the problems of turning Remote Viewing into a religion, a first-hand account of the trials of a new Remote Viewer, investigating ghosts and the recently departed, an examination of the magic of unlimited knowledge, tips for new TRV'ers, and much more!
  • Issue 16
    The value of being able to know anything with Remote Viewing, how unstructured lives promote Remote Viewing skills, Remote Viewing in the lives of two students, and why the TRV Trading Club costs so much to join, and much more!

  • The Signal Line E-Zine Special Articles
  • Project Afterlife - What Happens When We Die?
  • Test Your Natural “Psychic” Remote Viewing Ability With TRV Quickstart Online ($9.95 Limited Time Offer)
  • TRV Questions & Answers
  • Announcing A New TRV Contest!
  • Flashback: Targeting Iraq - Does Iraq Possess Weapons Of Mass Destruction?
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    TRV Project News
  • Laci Peterson Project Update
  • "Poor-Man's Nuke" or Radiological Bomb Scenario
  • Interim Summary of data gathered using Technical Remote Viewing in the missing persons case of Chandra Levy
  • PSI TECH Video Tape Trainee Mars Project
  • Learning Annex Demonstration TRV Session - Submarine Kursk.
  • PSI TECH Identifies Source of "Mars probe signal."
  • PSI TECH reveals the cause of the EgyptAir Flight 990 Crash
  • PSI TECH Spot Report - The Dore Signal
  • PSI TECH Project - Saddam Hussein's Biological Weapons
  • The Madilyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance - Project Summary Interim Report
  • Medical Technical Remote Viewing Session
  • TWA Flight 800 Explosion - Final Report to the NTSB
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    News about Remote Viewing and PSI TECH
     Update: Chinese Researchers Confirm SARS Came from Animals
     Bin Laden's "Poor Man's Nuke" Plan Averted in Chicago
     Cause of Mysterious Crash of EgyptAir 990 Confirmed by NTSB
     Confirmation of PSI TECH's October 6, 2001 Preliminary Report on Terrorism
     (ENS) Holes In Sun's Corona Linked To Climate Change
     U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support - Washington Times article

    Remote Viewing Events
     Review of Psychic Warrior by John B. Alexander, Ph.D., Colonel, US Army (Retired)
     PSI TECH sets the record straight on government remote viewing
     Lecture on Remote Viewing and PSI TECH by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine

  • Event videos, interviews, transcripts, and more Technical Remote Viewing articles are available on the Media Page.

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  • PSI TECH Genealogy: PSI TECH Genealogy - Links and Information Regarding the History and Credentials of PSI TECH, Inc.

    The Real X-Files: A PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing project constitutes a research or study that is conducted by PSI TECH trained remote viewers who exclusively employ the TRV technology. The project's goal is to gather information about a particular person, place, thing or event in the past, present or future.

    Introduction to PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing: Learn more about the history of PSI TECH and how it ushered the skill of Technical Remote Viewing from the confines of military intelligence.

    Technical Remote Viewing University Training Courses: The TRV University is a comprehensive web-based program that delivers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and real-time support to our students. In pursuit of basic through advanced TRV skills, students are able to earn training certifications that acknowledge successful completion of their course work.

    Crop Circle Teaser: It is good that the crop circle anomalies are coming to the forefront of public focus, but is it being presented accurately? The crop circles are a real conundrum that we have studied and unraveled as an in-house project, using Technical Remote Viewing.

    Those Pesky Paradigms: Collecting data about people and events remote in time and space with just a pen, paper, and alert mind sounds like an invention of a modern day PT Barnum. Yet almost all Americans believe they possess ESP or a sixth sense.

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